Smartphone Vs Tablet – Pros And Cons

Buying a new phone is not an easy affair with so many options that are available in the overcrowded market. It becomes more confusing when you have to choose between a smartphone and a tablet. Read on to find out how you can select a device you actually need and not the one you want!

Size matters

The difference in the screen size of the smartphone and tablet is the first notable and important difference. A Smartphone is supposed to be smaller in size and more compact while a tablet is a much larger option with a bigger screen size. However, the size difference is now blurring as some phones come with a screen size comparable to that of a Tablet.

Playing Games

If you want to play games all day round on your fancy gadget and watch the latest movies or read the interesting books, then the choice is definitely a Tablet.

The larger screen and better video quality will ensure that you have a comfortable experience while performing all these activities on your Tablet. Although, all these can be done on a Smartphone too but the small screen size will make it annoying for you to keep scrolling right and left.


Texting and messaging is a breeze on a Smartphone with its handy design. So, if you are a Whatsapp or Facebook addict and send a lot of emails or updates throughout the day, then a smartphone is definitely a better choice. On the other hand it is not easy to hold a tablet and type text messages like you do in a smartphone.

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Clicking photographs from your Smartphone is a piece of cake and you get better quality photographs with the point and shoot snapper of the Smartphone. Tablets have cameras but the quality and the resolution is not as good as that of a Smartphone. So in the category of photography choosing a smartphone would be a wise choice.

Presentations on the Go

Tablets are perfect for making presentations and planning out your whole business meeting on Skype. The larger keyboard helps in better typing and taking down notes when in a meeting. So Smartphones will not prove to be very accommodating in this aspect.

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